Multi-platform XR animation universe powered
by kitten Mormitten, game engines and magic
"MormoVerse" is an umbrella brand for an awarded multi-platform project about handmade toy kitten Mormitten.

Original story was created by Georgy's father Sergey Molodtsov over 30 years ago.
It developed from a weekly newspaper page in 1995 to VR game prototype, short animation film and Virtual world in VRChat.
Welcome to Under the Pillow XR Hub!
Here you can find all the information about Kittem Mormitten and all the format he exists now!
Under the pillow is a multiformat project created in order to provide equal access to immersive technologies to any audience. It started as a fairy tale writen by father to his kids and ended up to be an animation film, VR Game, Narrative Experience on social VR Platform VRChat and beyond!
The most family friendly verse of all verses!
Narrative Multiplayer VR Experience
3D animation film,
11 minutes, 2023
Traditional and 360 video formats
Created with Unreal Engine
Film XR (Georgia, Estonia, Russia)
Interactive VR Game,
15 minutes, 2021
Created by Georgy Molodtsov
Produced by Film XR (Estonia)
Feeling Digital (Belarus)
Russian VR Seasons (Russia)

Under the Pillow is created
by Film XR OÜ,
founded by Georgy Molodtsov
Made on