Kitten Mormitten
3D animation series,
11 minutes (Pilot episode), 2023
Traditional and 360 video formats
Created with Unreal Engine
Film XR (Georgia, Estonia)
This is Kitten Mormitten
He is made from old clothes by two kids - Gosha and Yulia, when they become tired of loosing they toys of each other in their common room.
That's how they decided that Mormitten would be their magical helper. And Mormitten took his job seriously.
Follow the adventures of a handmade puffy kitten in the magical world inside the old sofa and see how Mormitten brings back lost treasures under the pillow and fixes the relations between the siblings!

And here are Gosha (5 y.o) and Yulia (12 y.o.): they share common room and have to come to the terms with sharing the space together. But it is not always working according to the plan:
Every night Mormitten travels to the magical world under the pillow of the old sofa goes through mysteries and adventures and brings back treasures to his creators!
But Mormitten is not alone in his adventures – he quickly finds his best friend – long lost dog Jojo, who served as a favorite toy/flashlight to Gosha until he lost her, and now she is the best tracker you could find in the whole "Under the pillow" universe!
We hope that you will enjoy the adventures of Kitten Mormitten and Jojo in our pilot episode and we'll be able to do a lot more together!
Formats of the project
We decided to create this project using
Unreal Engine, as it gives better flexibility between various formats using the same assets and universe, or better to say "Mormoverse" to create more ways of experiencing the same stories for different audiences:
  • Animation film (Series pilot)
    Currently, we are working on 10 minutes episode for traditional media.
    Target Audience: Preschool, 3- to 5-year-olds
  • 360 degrees animation film
    A pilot episode of 360 animations would be made based on the story of the animation film, adapted to 360 formats for VR headsets.
  • AR Book
    Using the same assets and AI instruments we are developing now, we are planning to release a printed book with self-educative Kitten Mormitten and Jojo, who would help readers (kids) navigate through the story and solve puzzles, hidden in the illustration to the main story.
  • Sewing Kit to create real Mormittens
    We encourage our viewers to sew their own kitten Mormittens, as well as
Timeline of the project
March 2019
Georgy Molodtsov and Belarus Studio "Feeling Digital" started to work on a pilot VR concept of the Storytelling VR Game "Under the pillow".
November 2021
By November 2021, the pilot VR episode was pitched at:
Annecy Film Festival Digital Market;
NewImages XR Co-Production Market;
Cartoon 360 Animation Pitching;
Torino Short Film Market

it was nominated to:
Cannes XR - VeeR Future Award;
Stereopsia Crystal Owl Award;
and awarded with
Halo Award for the Best Art Game
January 2022
Development and Production of the short animation film in the Unreal Engine started, utilizing the created assets and materials from the VR Game, but changing the look and feel of the characters and environment to fit the standards of 3D Animation.
June 2023
After months of work and searchs for the best pipeline and workflow, animation fim "Kitten Mormitten" would be released in June 2023!
Where we are now
Currently, the pilot episode in Russian is finished: we've recorded the narration, composed the music, created animatic and cinematic of the project as well as collected most of the assets and props needed for animation.
Unreal Engine is a helpful tool to shape the look and feel of the project in the early production and development stages: composition / pre-light and camera movements help to compose the future film before you go into animation of the characters, which helps the creative team to find more interesting ways how to give life to the characters and environment.
Creating the whole "decoration" in Unreal as a pre-production stage helps to visualize the world for all members of the remote team, as well as gives a huge push to render the final result as a 360 video animation, not only a "framed" one.
Here are some work-in-progress moments (animatic/cinematic):
Story Origin
In 1993 Sergey Molodtsov, Russian journalist and father of two kids: Gosha and Yulia, wrote a short fairy tale about the adventures of Kitten Mormitten. Sergey lived in another city back then and with the best he could do – his writing skills, he encouraged his kids to find a solution to their everyday quarrels. Kids were really inspired by the story and even sewed one themselves.

Seeing how the story influenced his own kids, he introduced kitten Mormitten to a much wider audience by giving him a page in a newspaper he worked in.

And soon thousands of kids were excited to share their own versions of the Mormitten's adventures, asked him bits of advice, sent their drawings of the Mormitten, and discussed topics about childhood and problems they face every day - as they saw Mormitten as a friend, who can help them as well.
With this project we want to give the Mormitten a new life
We know that kids would love kitten Mormitten and his adventures, as well as the solutions he is trying to give to his kids, would give good hints to other children who are struggling to overcome obstacles in their life, but have no one to share their problems with!
Our Team
"Kitten Mormitten" is an independent project created by the team spread all over Central and Eastern Europe: Georgia, Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Estonia and Kazakhstan.
Whole project was produced remotely.
  • Georgy Molodtsov
    Director, Executive Producer
    Georgy is an Award-winning VR&Film Director, including direction and production of VR concert of Jean-Michel Jarre (Webby Award 2023, PGA Nomination 2023, Crystal Owl Award 2022, Raindance Special Mentioning 2022).
    He started this project as a VR storytelling game with Belarus studio "Feeling Digital" as "Under the pillow XR" project. XR pilot was showcased in Cannes XR within Cannes Film Festival 2021 and received Halo Award for Best VR Art Game
  • Roman Tramvai
    Art Director, Co-Scriptwriter
    Director, screenwriter and art director of animated films.
    Best auteur works:
    "Loof and Let Dime," "Rain Moments."
    Worked as a director-director on the TV series "Magic Lantern", "Cat Bitch and the Good Boy", "Katya and Ef, Where-Where-Do-When-Door".

  • Vlad Maleev
    Unreal Engine Supervisor, Production Supervisor
    Experienced CG&VFX Artist with the focus on Animation, Interative Design and Game Engines, including Unreal Engine 5.
    Previous projects by Vlad includes Award winning VR project "Oxymore" by Jean-Michel Jarre, where he worked as an animator of NPC characters.

Production Company
International company based in Estonia, created to promote and distribute VR&Film content, as well as to organise film festivals. Film XR founder Georgy Molodtsov collaborates with VRROOM and made XR projects which received Webby Award and was nominated to PGA Innovation Award.
The company overviews international sales and co-productions of "Under the Pillow XR" project
VRX Digital
Unreal Engine postproduction company
The VRX team switched from traditional 3D in movies to using the Unreal Engine (UE4). UE4 was first used in cinema in 2017 for the film "Kupala".
Over time, more and more projects started to use Unreal Engine for rendering 3D graphics, not only in real-time, but also using ray tracing. One of the latest works is the work on the opening scene in the movie "King and the Jester", where the 3D image of St. Petersburg was created using UE5.
We are currently developing a 3D virtual space that resembles a meta universe, with the ability to view real estate in Dubai and conduct transactions within this digital copy of the city.
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