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Stereopsia: Crystal Owl Nomination and "Under the pillow" Showcase

Stereopsia is a respected industrial festival, conference and award happenning in Brussels, Belgium. This year we were happy to present "Under the pillow" as one of the nominees of the Crystal Owl Award, as well as to showcase our project to industry professionals.

To make the experience more immersive, we sent the packages of sewing kits as well as some real Mormittens to help out the team with the preparation. As a result, the table looked as messy as it should be when you are trying to create a new toy.

Free stickers were proposed as a giveaway to all visitors, spreading the information about the kitten well beyond Belgium.

Even though creators of the project were not able to visit the Awards Gala, Stereopsia Team assured us Mormittens had a great seat and view to enjoy the ceremony!
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