Supporting Page for OPENSEA NFT Collection
Kitten Mormitten / Котик Мормотик / 莫尔莫小猫 NFT Collection
Hi there!

We are creating this NFT Collection to support the release of the VR Film "Under the Pillow".
We have already created Episode One and now we are looking for ways to create Episode Two, which would conclude the story.

You can learn everything about the project on our website, and we can offer title credit for NFT Owners in the Final project, as well as a free copy of the VR Film!
OpenSea collection is available here.

(which is more like a narrative VR Game, but VR Games are not something that could be selected for Cannes Film Festival, while VR Films are!)
VR Mormitten
Mormitten likes new technologies and VR is the first thing we do in our future metaverse!
Million Dollar Kitten
This one makes you rich. And us. And everyone. Mr.Motik or Mr.Mitten is here for you!
Lovely Kitten
Mormitten could look the way you want. Mormitten is about sharing and giving. Love is all you need :)
Under the Pillow XR, 2021
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