Под подушкой. История про Мормотика
Анимационный VR-фильм
режиссер Георгий Молодцов
по рассказу Сергея Молодцова
25 мин., 2020
Производство: Russian VR Seasons (Россия),
Feeling Digital (Беларусь), Film XR OU (Эстония)
Когда дети остаются дома одни,
с ними всегда приключается что-нибудь удивительное!
Приключение, в которые взрослые никогда не поверят!

Под подушкой VR:
Погрузизь в мир детства и стань частью невероятнго виртуального приключения!

Окажись в магическом мире с котиком Мормотиком, сшитой вручную игрушкой, живущей в диване детской комнаты. Создай свой собственный дизайн игрушки, отправься с ней на поиски сокровищ и помоги Гоше и Юле понять друг друга лучше!

Планируемые даты выпуска:
Пилот проекта (10 минут)
Ноябрь 2019
Полная версия проекта (25 минут)
Июнь 2020
Интерактивный анимационный VR экспириенс / Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Oculus Quest
Анимационное видео 360
Сериальные телевизионные версии проекта
Жанры и аудитория
Семейный фильм для взрослых и их детей, выходящий в русской и английской версиях
Hardworking handmade kitten Mormitten lives under the pillow of the old sofa. Every night he hunts for the treasures hidden in the sofa and presents them as a gratitude to the kids – brother and sister, who created him. While children are struggling to live without their dad, kitten Mormitten helps them to overcome this sad period and make their friendship stronger.
The story would be narrated by the "Toy spirit". He is seen and heard by kids and with his help kids decide to create the toy. Viewer will be able to customise his own Mormitten based on the drawing of the brother, and different options of the materials, brought by the sister.

Then viewer would turn into this toy itself and explore an amazing mysterious world "Under the sofa", where he would solve small puzzles given to us by the "Toy spirit" - like powering up the dog-flashlight or searching and separating boy's and girl's favourite "treasures".

However, every magical journey comes to the end and soon there is nothing to put under the pillow from the sofa. And Mormitten has to find a way to be useful and not to be moved in the toys box with others.
Our project combined
of three types of realities
You start with a VR interactive film
Where narration would drive you through the story and will give you limited amount of interactive choices (like customizing the toy and making a decisions on behalf of it). 360 version of this stage would also be available.
AR App
After finishing the VR piece, you'd be able to receive the unique code with you personal Mormitten the way you created him. After downloading AR app, you can type your unique ID there and visualize your new small friend in a real world. However, if you want him to become more real, AR Mormitten will guide you…
...how to sew a real life toy with the sewing kit
Sewing kit might be bought additionally through VR and AR app. By knowing your ID we would fill the kit with the elements needed to create your personal real life Mormitten, while AR kitten will help you to do it step by step!
Director's STATEMENT
As a director and producer of this project, I wanted to bring to life the fairy tale, written by my father when me and my sister were kids. It helped us to learn each other better and build a strong relations for the rest of our lives. With this project I would like to give some of the emotions which this small kitten might give.

In the early 90s, while the whole country was falling apart into pieces, same processes happened in our family. Our father had to leave the family and mother had to take more time for herself and her work, so me and my sister were spending a lot of time together.

However, our father, prominent journalist who covered conflicts and disasters in post-soviet countries, was trying to keep the connection with us even on distance. He wrote a story about a toy, which helped us to be stronger and closer to each other.

In the story me and my sister, as protagonists, decided to create a handmade toy – kitten Mormitten.

Mormitten lived in an old sofa and was bringing us our lost "treasures" from inside of it, until the day there was nothing left to get from under the sofa. But we didn't want miracles to stop happening and started to put presents for each other secretly from another one.

Thus, the fairy tale taught us how we should take care of each other, as well as inspired us to create a toy in real life.
As for the father, Sergey Molodtsov – he published the story in one of his newspapers and it quickly became popular among kids. He started to publish a dedicated page in a weekly newspaper. Hundreds of children from all over the region were sending their paintings and handmade toys to show their own vision of how Mormitten should look like. This story, started as a comforting letter to kids, brought joy and pleasure to hundreds of children.

Many years later, after our father passed away, we found one more toy in his belongings.
This toy looked quite new and really different from the one we made over 20 years ago.

So we knew that there still were children who were inspired by the story told by our father and were creating their own Mormittens.

"Под подушкой. История про Мормотика" – это проект, создаваемый компаниями Film XR OÜ (Эстония), Feeling Digital (Беларусь) и Russian VR Seasons Initiative (Россия).
Georgy Molodtsov
Executive Producer, Director
An award-winning film and VR director, festival programmer.
Programming director of VR Sci Fest (Sweden), curator of the Open Frame Award for VR within goEast Film Festival (Germany), creative producer of Russian VR Seasons initiative. Co-founder of VRability social good project.
MA in Film and Video 2015, School of Communication, American University, USA (Fulbright Fellow). Studied documentary filmmaking in All-Russian State University of Cinematography (VGIK) in 2003-2008.
Web site: www.gmolodtsov.com

Mitry Sorkin
Co-producer, VR Producer
Director of VR-movies, creative producer in the «Feeling Films» company, co-founder of the Virtual Reality Gallery «Vir» in Minsk.

In 2017, Mitry curated The Day of the virtual reality at Bel:Cinema Industry Platform - an exciting event for Belarusian audience, where they had a chance to watch VR 360-movies and see the virtual worlds that were created by Belarusian artists.
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Feeling Digital prefer pioneering and in-depth approach. Any type of Extended Realities is not just a buzz for them, but an ultimate tool that is capable to switch conventional conception of creating and consuming content.
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Besides commercial projects for brands and enterprises their portfolio contains numerous social cultural initiatives and events: annual Cinematic VR festival and VR Laboratory, workshops for artists, art exhibitions using VR and AR.

Web site: http://feelingdigital.pro
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Belarus: Mitry Sorkin, mitya.sorkin@feeling.by
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