Written by Sergey Molodtsov (1961 - 2007)
Under the Pillow
The story of Kitten Mormitten
Chapter One
Once upon a time, Yulia and Gosha – sister and brother – were home alone. Their parents got stuck at work, and the children were bored. They've played all the games, they built the cat a new house out of a shoebox, and they'd even had a pillow fight.

- So what else should we do? – asked Gosha, sadly.

- Let's make some kind of a new toy! - Yulia suggested.

- What for? - Gosha was surprised. – We have so many toys already, a whole box...

- But those are real toys, from the store. We'll make one ourselves, for example, we can sew a kitten!

Gosha agreed. They got some rags and pieces of cloth from their mother's sewing kit, and picked out a big gray pocket from their dad's old coat for the kitten. And then they got to work.

First, they cut out the two halves of the kitten's body and head. Then they sewed the pieces together, leaving just a tiny hole in the side in order to stuff him with cotton. They had to get the cotton out of an old sofa, because all the other cotton was locked away in the medicine cabinet. Their mom always locked the medicine cabinet so they wouldn't accidentally eat some sort of cool-looking pills and get poisoned!

The old sofa was supposed to be thrown out a long time ago, but dad could never find the time to do it. "I just don't have the time!" - dad would say to mom. The children were always surprised by this because dad always had the time to pick them up and lift Gosha and Yulia up in the air like weights at the gym!

But let's get back to the kitten. They made a nose out of a red round button, and the eyes out of two green buttons. Then they made a tongue out of a small piece of red cloth and glued it under the nose.

The kitten turned out crooked, but really cute. Yulia looked at him and said -

--This is going to be kitten Mormitten!
- Why is he a mitten? - Gosha was confused.
- You're a mitten! – Yulia laughed. – He's not a mitten, he's Mormitten!

- Where is he going to live? - Gosha asked.
- What do you mean, where? - Yulia was surprised. – In our toy box...
- Nope, - said Gosha. – Real toys will bully him there. He's new, and when you're new, you get bullied...
Gosha had recently started going to a new kindergarten, and the kids there didn't want to be friends with him. So Gosha knew what he was talking about.

– Well, okay, – Yulia agreed. – He can stay on the old sofa under the pillow for now. Later, when the other toys decide to be friends with him, he can move into the box.

The children put Mormitten under the pillow and went into their room to wait for mom and dad to come home.
Chapter Two
Mormitten lay under the pillow and thought: "I don't want to go into the box! The children will get tired of me, like they got tired of their other old toys, and forget all about me. I should do something good for them, then they'll let me stay on the sofa."

The kitten looked around his new home and found a big hole by the back of the sofa. He crawled into it and was suddenly in a new and magical world. There were giant coil springs everywhere, and straw was poking out in places. And on the bottom there was a pile of treasures and trinkets: buttons, hairpins, candy wrappers, coins and badges!

– That's it! - Mormitten was excited. – I'm going to take these treasures out of here and put them under the pillow next to me. The children will come see me in the morning and find their lost things! Now, better not take them all out at once...

If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
Chapter Three
Early the next morning, Gosha and Yulia ran up to the old sofa and lifted the pillow.

– Wow! - exclaimed Yulia. - Look, it's my favorite brooch! I've been looking for it forever!

- And here is the wheel from my favorite car! – yelled Gosha. – Mormitten found them in the sofa!

From that day on, every morning, the children would run to the sofa and find long-lost treasures. They even came up with a schedule of who'd lift the pillow first.

Mormitten worked hard every night, bringing more and more valuable trinkets to the surface: pins, toy soldiers, beads, and even coins. Yulia and Gosha couldn't be happier with the incredible kitten they'd made.

But, if you didn't already know this, any supply eventually runs out. It's sometimes even called that – exhaustible supply – because people take all the coal or oil or gas from under the Earth, and then, one day, there is no more – the supply is exhausted.

That's what happened with the sofa. One morning the children lifted the pillow, and didn't find anything new under it. Mormitten had gotten everything out from the bottom of the sofa!

"Oh no, – thought Mormitten sadly. – Now they'll put me into the toy box..."

Chapter Four
...The next morning, Yulia lifted up the pillow again and suddenly cried out:

– Gosha!!! Look!! There's a pretty pencil here!! Our Mormitten had found something again!

Gosha giggled. It was him who'd put the pencil under the pillow last night! He really didn't want the wonders and surprises to stop. And suddenly he cried out too: there was a piece of candy next to the pencil! Because Yulia also didn't want Mormitten to be sad.

And so, Mormitten stayed on the old sofa under the magic pillow. And when dad finally found the time to throw the sofa out, the magic pillow, together with Mormitten, were moved to the kitchen, onto a small love-seat. And every morning, new treasures and trinkets would appear under Mormitten's magic pillow.

Translated by Ksenia Adamovich
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