Everything about kitten Mormitten's adventures in the magical world Under the Pillow and MormoVerse
On this site you will learn all about the adventures of kitten Mormitten in the magical world Under the Pillow, his friends and the children who made him!
Kitten Mormitten doesn't just exist as a cartoon!
It's also a series of browser games, an exciting interactive storytelling experience in virtual reality, and an entire world of MormoVerse on the VRChat social platform!
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Kitten Mormitten is an animated series created
with the technologies that are usually
used to create computer games!
Through fantastic stories, we tell
about topics that are close to every child.
We develop imagination and learn to accept and understand everyone, regardless of their appearance and character. We make jokes and go on adventures!
We released the pilot cartoon about the adventures of kitten Mormitten, expanding the original story with new details and characters!
Once brother and sister Yulia and Gosha made a plush kitten out of old clothes and buttons. The toy turned out so charming that the children affectionately called him Mormitten. The kitten turned out to be magical too: every night, when the kids are fast asleep, the kitten comes to life and goes to the magical world Under the Pillow.
There he has a new friend waiting for him - a lantern puppy Jojo, with whom they search for things lost by the children: hairpins, spare parts from cars, or construction elements. But soon the toys the children need have run out of the magical world, and Mormitten has nothing more to bring to the children. What will happen next?
And on our Youtube channel we publish many songs and videos from the life of Kitten Mormitten:


Have you seen the cartoons?
It's time to create something yourself!
Color stickers with Mormitten's adventures, build your own Mormitten and take him on journeys, develop your memory, solve puzzles and problems, and just relax!
Coloring Game
Color pictures about the adventures of toy kitten Mormitten and spend time in the fun, friendly company of Mormitten and his assistant Jojo.
Create, experiment and share your work, because Mormiten can be different for everyone!
Create your own kitten!
Find yourself in Yulia and Gosha's room and sew your own virtual Mormitten! Choose colors for the body and buttons, become Mormitten and go on adventures in search of lost and forgotten children's things!


Virtual and augmented reality,
VR worlds, multiplayer adventures and solo travel -
all of this is already available in MormoVerse!
-For virtual reality fans, there are two ways to get into Mormitten's body at once.
Love online multiplayer games with lots of people online? Then you can enter the world of Mormotik "MormoVerse" in the VR social VR platform VRCHAT.
Want to make your own kitty and live his story from the inside out? Then you'll need to buy and download the game "Under the Pillow" from the most popular VR stores - Steam / AppLab / Viveport / SideQuest.
But we don't stop there, because the most real adventures can happen right around you - in the AR/mixed reality/Apple Vision Pro app-game, where you'll get to know Mormotik the cat and his riddles without leaving your room!
Our VR projects have been extremely successful and have been recognized at major film festivals and film markets around the world. The virtual world in VRChat has been visited by more than 20 thousand users, and the platform itself has added it to the "Recommended" section.
Just look at the far-from-complete list of prizes and participation of our two projects:
The interactive narrative world of MormoVerse is an opportunity to go through the story of Mormitten the cat by yourself or with friends and new acquaintances.
Help Gosha and Yula find materials for Mormotik, choose one of 8 avatars, go on a journey to the magical world Under the Pillow, and find lost toys with the help of Jojo the dog!
The world is available in Russian, English, and Japanese languages
Videos from our virtual MormoVerse made by our visitors from all over the world!
And here are screenshots taken by visitors to MormoVerse:
Under the Pillow. Prologue
Under the Pillow is no ordinary game, it's a narrative interactive animated movie. Somewhere you will be an observer, but very soon you will have to create Mormotik yourself and go on adventures!
Help Gosha and Yula to create Mormotik, make him to your taste and color, and go to Poddivanje for lost toys. And help in this dog-lantern Jojo! Success!
PC VR / Quest 2-3 / Pico Neo 3-4 Ready

VR Prologue Teaser:
Under the pillow
VR Game // Fortnite Island
Under the pillow. VR Game is the second phase of the VR project we've been developing. After the initial creation of VR Prologue, Feeling Digital Studio started to develop bigger concept of the World Under the Pillow.
Some of the results might be found in a Fortnite Island dedicated to the project. Dive deep into the story of Under The Pillow.
Discover the 2D concepts and explore the early versions of the environments. Some of them are locked at the beginning, so don't forget to collect all puzzle pieces and coins to unlock hidden areas!
VR Game Concept Trailer:


After the release of the cartoon, we started getting lots of photos and drawings, as well as examples of Mormotics that were made for our audience!
We liked one of them so much that we ordered the production of many of them, and one of them can be yours!
And here are examples of other toys:
Create your own Mormitten and send to us!

Kitten Mormitten
and his story
Once upon a time, journalist and writer Sergei Molodtsov wrote a tale about kitten Mormitten for his children.
He lived far away from his children, and with such stories, he wanted to give them fatherly hints about friendship and mutual help.
His children liked the story so much that they made kitten Mormitten for real!
Seeing the children's interest, Dad started writing stories about kitten Mormitten in the newspaper he worked for - and thousands of children learned about the kitty, who also sent in their drawings and photos of the kitties they had already made. The children asked for advice and looked for friends - and the newspaper Mormitten helped them understand themselves a little better.
And 30 years later, the author's children decided to make this tale into a real cartoon universe for their own children, so that the kind kitten Mormitten would continue to help everyone who needs his help!
The process of creating the new kitten was not an easy one
This is how the kitty came to the VR game:
And that's what he became in the process of preparing the cartoon:
Then we created a 3D model of him, and he became exactly as you saw him in the cartoon and VR world!
But really, Mormitten can be anything!
And most of all, we love him as he is drawn by our viewers:

And now a little bit about the people who create all this:
Georgy Molodtsov
Creative and Executive producer of the project
Kitten Mormitten and all its formats are initiated by Georgy - son of the author of the fairy tale "Under the Pillow" Sergey Molodtsov.
Georgy is a VR&film director, including the director and producer of Jean-Michel Jarre's VR concert (Webby Award 2023, PGA Nomination 2023, Crystal Owl Award 2022, Raindance Special Mentioning 2022).
He started this project as a VR storytelling game with Belarussian studio Feeling Digital as the Under the Pillow XR project. The XR pilot was screened in Cannes as part of the Cannes Film Festival 2021 and won the Halo Award for Best VR Fiction Game.
Production company
An international company from Estonia, created to promote and distribute VR&Film content and organize film festivals. Film XR founder Georgi Molodtsov collaborates with VRROOM and has made XR projects that won the Webby Award and were nominated for the PGA Innovation Award.
The company talks about the international sales and coproduction of the Under the Pillow XR project
Animation Series Team:

  • Roman Tramway
    Art director for the animated series
    Director, screenwriter and art director of animated films.
    Best auteur works:
    "Loof and Let Dime," "Rain Moments."
    Worked as a director-director on the TV series "Magic Lantern", "Cat Bitch and the Good Boy", "Katya and Ef, Where-Where-Do-When-Door".

  • Vladislav Maleev
    Unreal Engine Supervisor, Production Supervisor
    Experienced CG&VFX artist specializing in AI,
    animation, interactive design and game engines, preferably Unreal Engine 5.
    Vlad's previous projects include Jean-Michel Jarre's award-winning VR project Oxymore, where he worked as an NPC character animator.
  • VRX Digital
    Post Production Studio
    The VRX team has moved from traditional 3D in movies to using the Unreal Engine
    Over time, more and more projects have started using the Unreal Engine to render 3D graphics, not only in real time, but also using ray tracing. One of the latest works is the opening scene in the movie "King and Shout", where the 3D image of St. Petersburg was created using UE5.
VR Game Team:
Feeling Digital
Production Company
Feeling Digital is a spatial computing studio from Warsaw.
Since 2014, the company has developed dozens of immersive projects: VR games, trainings, educational applications and marketing solutions.
Feeling Digital team focuses on transmedia approach, building up expertise in movie production in game engines and in content creation for Fortnite and Spatial.

Creative Producer
Mitriy Sorkin
VRChat MormoVerse Team:
Dale P. Deacon (DEAC)
Lead Developer
Deac produces award-winning virtual characters and environments, specialising in virtual and augmented reality design and development using the Unity & Unreal engines.
Contact Us:
E-mail: gm@filmxr.ee